We dream. We think. And we do.

We're a team of change-agents that help our clients to navigate the unique challenges of managing and implementing consistent brand experiences across industries.

There is no formula for game change.

For each project, we build the right team from the disciplines we offer. We add in experts from our ecosystem — the world’s best specialists. Then we shape the project around you.

By combining beautiful design, compelling narrative and cutting-edge technology, we use every tool in our arsenal to illuminate what makes your brand, products and services special.

Whether we’re working with big global brands or small ‘home-growns’, we have turned concepts into realities; translated ideas into spaces; and transformed strategy into design. We achieve this by hand-stitching our various disciplines together, to the highest quality standards that have consistently been associated with our brand name.

We affectionately call this COLLECTIVE MASTERY

Our culture

Our culture

Our team thrives at the centre of change and we hire talent.

We value creativity as part of our identity and our spirit. Our multi-cultural team inspires us to look to the future with confidence and anticipation, and look back at our achievements with pride.

We exist in the cloud and on the streets and we laugh as hard as we work. It’s this passionate and iconic backdrop that provides the perfect complement to our team of whip-smart ‘Eighters’.

Our disciplines

balcony8 is comprised of eight specialised departments that translate into a superior in-house service offering for our clients. But we are more than just the sum of our parts. The strength of our work doesn’t lie in how we work, but how we work together.

When balcony8 engages with a brand, we don’t activate one department.


In this way, new jobs cascade laterally to a variety of talents and disciplines, allowing contrasting skill sets to collaborate; and seamlessly result in unconventional, effective and highly innovative communications.

brand strategy


content creation



social media



Leadership team

Our team is made up of brave storytellers, artists, thinkers, techies, dreamers, designers. In other words, talented beings that like to make stuff.

We’re also a downright fun family of great people!