Simplicity is the hallmark of a great interface.

New year resolution for balcony8 was to create our new web presence in the first quarter. Unlike many resolutions we achieved it! We wanted to make sure we achieved something great that reflected the balcony8 brand.

Plan? Plan it well.

Like any project and more so for any website project, the most important step is getting the brief right, to give us an understanding of the project requirements. We had our vision and brand values already pinned down as result of an elaborate brand refresh exercise, which guided us on the way during the whole project.

We rethought the site structure and content writing to reflect our brand values.

Throughout the design process for our new digital look, we explored several options from layouts to photograph style and functionality. After much squabbling and conjecture we finally reached something, we feel, reflects our core values and our brand culture.

What is the hallmark of a great interface? 

One word: simplicity. This means website visitors should find it easy to understand and interact with the site. Our focus was to subtly guide our visitors from where they are to where they need to go. Ideally guiding them gently to the desired call to action.

Our copywriting team focused on creating captivating case study content for our website. Essentially showcasing what we do best. The studio was able to photograph, retouch, review our amazing case study assets that now form the success stories of our clients.

What did we learn from this experience?

We set ourselves an ambitious yet achievable launch date (and managing to stick to it) by breaking down the process into short stages of development with clear completion dates. Being the client and the supplier also helped!

We wanted to involve everyone at balcony8 as we’re all stakeholders in this project. Empowering people to contribute was a fun experience for everyone.

What’s next? The first phase of our website is live.

Yes, the first phase of the website was launched in the first quarter.

Our new website shows what balcony8 represents and what it has achieved in the recent years for our beloved clients. Obviously, the website is not one-off project and team is already working on putting recommendations to build on the great work, but we are surely in a good place to start.