Rebuild for the regional
Electrolux Group websites

Electrolux has been a long-standing client of balcony8, across a number of disciplines including; creative design, social media management, PR and website development.

Initially, we created a prototype website to demonstrate the implementation of our recommendations on their regional websites. The proposal was welcomed by the AEG marketing team and ultimately won us all the regional websites of Electrolux and AEG.


– No content management system to upload the localized content without the need for a technical resource
– The portfolio of websites did not incorporate the latest web standards
– The user experience was not optimized for a mobile audience
– From a brand perspective, the sites did not adhere to the global brand guidelines
– The imagery was not optimized for web performance, resulting in slower page speed and high mobile bandwidth consumption
– Very tight deadlines to upgrade and build all the regional websites


balcony8 completely rebuilt all the client’s websites keeping the Global Electrolux and AEG look and feel. In a matter of a few weeks, five websites in English, Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian were developed, content populated and pushed live. In addition to these, we launched websites for their other brands Arthur Martin (Morocco) and Gibson (Saudi Arabia) and also have a few more website projects in the pipeline. Local teams are now trained to manage all possible content updates in the future using highly customized WordPress CMS and balcony8 is retained for website technical maintenance, hosting and to assist if additional features or updates are required. Technological upgrades are always important on our agenda and we are currently moving all their websites to Amazon hosting which will further improve the website usability and experience.

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