The re-brand of Mini Exchange to Sprii; an aspirational e-commerce platform for the everyday woman.

Mini Exchange – the online market place for all things mum and kids, approached Balcony8 to help them re-brand due to a recent decision to expand their product offering. Moving towards a more aspirational lifestyle e-commerce site, the brand would be a hub for the ‘every-day women’ – meaning that the old brand identity and name of Mini Exchange needed to go.

Scope of services:

– brand strategy
– brand positioning
– tone of voice
– naming
– logo design
– visual style
– digital design
– brand guidelines


Balcony8 pulled together the brand strategy- something which needed to be confident, passionate and with a touch of aspiration where women (but also men) could shop for all those curated products on their ‘every-day wishlist’. Balcony8 also named the new brand, Sprii was born from ‘shopping spree’ and tweaked slightly to give it that quiet cool and synergy which was established in the brand identity. Finally, with a killer strategy and quirky name, all we needed now was a logo and a brand identity to match. And after 3 intense and hardworking months, Sprii was brought to life. (

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