Together we can achieve more.

Don’t we all wish that days were longer so we could finish everything on a given day? Multiple industry studies have found that at least one-third of an average working day gets wasted in managing and organizing the work rather than actually doing it.

Maybe we need to re-assess how we do things? Or perhaps we need help from others?

Sometimes we wish we had multiple hands and brains. Fortunately, the idea of a dynamic team can turn this into reality.

Teams are basic building blocks and a valuable asset to any organization. We hire the best and do our utmost to retain these assets. By encouraging people to work in dynamic teams we can fully utilise and maximise their potential. This allows different team members to bring their skills and a new perspective to collaboratively find the best solutions. Moreover, together they can achieve more by sharing their knowledge and experience, plus this type of diverse activities helps develop new skills and development. This type of flexible and malleable mind set allows dynamic teams to outperform the conventional hierarchal teams.

Legacy work practices are another culprit behind lost time. Technology is rapidly changing the landscape of how businesses operate and stay competitive. When working in dynamic teams, the members benefit from each other in learning modern workflows and new industry practices.

As a hybrid agency we have organically created a team of diversely skilled eighters. By encouraging the team to learn, understand and contribute to the wider good of balcony8 we are able to tackle more problems, with more creative savvy and more up-to-the minute knowledge.