Only those who are smark need apply.

Our fearless leader sent the agency an email today, containing the word ‘smark’.  A word that was typed in error; a word that when read within the context of the sentence was skimmed over by most and read as it was intended to be – ‘smart’.  However, this typo – ‘smark’ – got me thinking, because to me it made perfect sense.  I didn’t skim over this word ‘smark’ because this word describes exactly what we look for in a person we hire.

Like our agency, every Eighter is a hybrid, multi-talented, cunilingual, eventrepreneur and a preditor.  So the word “smark” is a natural fit, composed of two very important elements – ‘smart’ and ‘spark’.  Two equally important components we look for in a person when we hire.

What is an Eighter? Amongst being good humans, damn passionate and taking ownership, first and foremost an Eighter is smark. 

We look for whip smart individuals that have the fire in their belly that sparks a difference in their craft.  We don’t just hire a smart person alone, at balcony8 being smart must be coupled with spark – that fire that ignites creativity, entrepreneurial thinking and fuels solutions and results! 

A great idea is nothing without action – it’s that ‘smark’ quality that propels us to greatness, for our clients.

As our Founder and CEO wrote by serendipity ”…..because you are a smark professional – and kick-ass in your craft. balcony8 hires talent!”

So, only those who are ‘smark’ need apply.