A new forward- thinking mood-food café concept

Sergio Lopez, one half of the infamous ‘Tom & Serg’ approached balcony8 to create a new forward- thinking mood-food café concept in Abu Dhabi.

Balcony8 and Sergio imagined a ‘mood-enhancing’ (through food) cafe concept, the first of its kind in the region; a food outlet that focuses on the importance of fueling the body and intuitive eating with simple fresh ingredients that make you feel good. In essence, good food = better mood.


In addition to creating the concept, balcony8 developed Sanderson’s brand foundation & strategy, identity look and feel, from signage through to all the café’s operational elements; from coffee cups to napkins and even takeaway bags. Concurrently, balcony8 brought the mood food concept to life through interior design and fit out.

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