Video campaign about women’s wellness, 
created for BETADINE™.

Having created the Women’s Wellness campaign strategy we suggested creating some engaging video content, to be used on the new website as well as the social media channels.

Due to the sensitive nature of the new products (intimate care products) we wanted to create a tasteful and empowering communication campaign around the launch. Selected female influencers were asked to speak candidly about their own experiences, which we filmed in a relaxed atmosphere.


Six influencers and thought-leaders agreed to be part of the #donotforgetyourself campaign and to share their own experience and advice on how to lead a more balanced life and what wellness means 
to them. After an intense day of filming, 18 videos were produced and then used on social media to promote the Women’s Wellness by Betadine platform. These videos created a huge amount of consumer engagement and proved a very successful method of covering a sensitive topic. Visit Wellness by Betadine YouTube channel.

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